A positive mind is the only formula - Abhi Nahi tho Kabhi Nahi!

Positive mind in Covid - 19 times 

A positive mind is the only formula - Abhi Nahi tho Kabhi Nahi!

There are two types of people in this world. Those who see the glass half-empty and those who see glass half-full. How you see the glass talks about your positive mind which further reflects your outlook on life, your attitude toward yourself, and your health. 
Bus abb seedhe baat karte hai! Now that we want 2021 to be a little kind to us, we also want to enjoy every moment as it comes. Baat Seedhi Karne ka Matlab ye hai, ki aap apni poori attention humare diye hue gyaan pe lagaye. 
Allow us to make you understand the basic secret behind a positive mind. There are hundreds of articles that have already been written on this subject by experts from Gabon to Gangland. But before you go rolling your eyes, thinking this is again the same old failed attempt to tell you “ Boss this time you will get it all ” then you are absolutely right. If you find yourself waiting around for your parents, your partner, your children, or your friends to help you, you’ll be waiting for a very long time.
If you wish to know about P of Positive and C of Calmness then you gotta trust us, as we are going to talk about solutions, not the problem. If you are still feeling strange while reading this then you should try doing Kapalabhati along with the following steps:

  1. Become Aware: Becoming more aware of your process, mind, and actions can help you recognize spaces where you can improve. Plus, it allows you to acknowledge what you're already doing well. The next time you feel anxious, simply pause and notice your reaction. You need to question yourself, "What is the reason behind this sudden stress?" Once you've done that, you can choose another response or way of thinking.

  1.  Personal Consciousness: You need to listen to your body more than Bublee Aunty’s gossip. How does your body react to anxious times? Do you clench your jaw or teeth? Do you notice your heart rate increasing? Are your thoughts racing, or are you repeatedly stressed about the same problem? Make a list of all your symptoms. This gives you a moment to check in with yourself and plan your reaction. Try it out  

  1.  Reflect: Note down your thoughts or all that is happening in your mind. You can then question if what you're telling yourself is real or astute. Stress often triggers irrational thoughts. By detecting them, you can step back and gain the correct frame of mind.

  1. Nothing is Permanent: There are several reasons for stress. It could be studies or a job, or a more painful end of companionship due to a breakup, divorce, or death but please be assured you will find a way out of it and move on in life again. No matter how hopeless things seem right now, you still have the wisdom to understand that the cause of your stress or negative thoughts will not be permanent. You are stronger than you think. 

  1. Value Yourself: Just by saying that you are under a lot of stress, staying alone and crying about life will not let you come to any solution. You need to start assessing and valuing yourself for your physical and mental health. Welcome the new beginnings and let nature heal you. 

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Also, stop showing your gloomy face to Bublee Aunty who thinks pills are stronger than you. In our next blog, we will tell you about “Bunty” Bublee Aunty’s son who just gifted her a duplicate apple watch and gave the original one to his girlfriend. You can tell her this the next time she runs into you with a piece of unbearable advice.  
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