Airbrush vs. Traditional Bridal Makeup in Chandigarh

Airbrush vs. Traditional Bridal Makeup in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, India's first planned capital, is also one of the cleanest cities in the nation. This distinguishes Chandigarh as a special place for events like weddings. Weddings in Chandigarh are a cultural celebration, with brides serving as the focal point and lifeblood of every ceremony. They are the ideal fusion of modernity and rich history. A Punjabi bride always steals the stage since Indian brides have to appear flawless on every occasion. 

The gorgeous city, well-known for its industries, agriculture, and breathtaking architecture inspired by Swiss-French modernist methods, is also home to several renowned traditional bridal makeup artists that you can select for your special day. 

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What is Airbrush Makeup?

Using portable airbrush equipment, or more precisely, a tiny air compressor connected to an airbrush sprayer, airbrush makeup in Chandigarh is applied as a foundation.  The liquid makeup that is distributed from the airbrush machine is lightweight and offers an extremely natural finish because the foundation is applied straight to the face in the form of a fine mist.

What is traditional Makeup?

Professional makeup brushes are typically used in conjunction with other instruments to apply traditional bridal makeup.  Various forms of foundation can be used, including liquids (whose coverage can range from light to full), creams, and powders.  

Difference Between Airbrush and Traditional Makeup

According to experts, airbrush makeup lasts longer than most traditional makeup. This means that airbrushing is the best option if you anticipate having your photo taken all day!

However, there are still many factors to take into account while choosing these bridal makeup techniques, the most crucial of which is skin type.

1. Makeup duration

In actuality, traditional makeup and airbrush makeup are designed to last all day. Using setting sprays, powders, and grade-A primers, normal makeup can last nearly as long as airbrush makeup.

2. Moisture handling

Airbrush makeup has a longer wear time than traditional makeup, especially when used with a silicone-based foundation. This is because it can tolerate tears and perspiration better. On your wedding day, you can risk spills, embraces, and kisses without compromising your perfect look by wearing makeup that is silicone-based and water-resistant.

3. Imperfection cover-ups

You might not want to use airbrush makeup if your primary objective is to hide flaws. Unlike traditional makeup that offers a wider covering, airbrush makeup applies a thin, smooth layer to your skin.

Several different formulations of traditional makeup are designed to cover up flaws and eliminate faults. For a particular occasion, if airbrush makeup appeals to you, keep in mind that it won't cover up every flaw.

4. Moisture and hydration

These days, one of the most important considerations when selecting makeup is skin health. It isn't as helpful for naturally dry skin, though. When applied to dry skin, it can appear flaky because it isn't as creamy or buildable as traditional makeup.

5. Cost

One would typically assume that traditional makeup is more expensive given the diversity it offers. However, in actuality, airbrush makeup is significantly more expensive than normal makeup.

Although having airbrush makeup on your special day would be amazing, it's not required. Even ordinary makeup can look amazing when applied by a professional makeup artist.

Best Bridal Makeup centres in Chandigarh

1. Bridal Makeup Artist Chandigarh

The salon provides a selection of bridal makeup services to enhance the memory of your special day. The expert makeup artists at the salon are committed to giving you the greatest experience possible. Their cutting-edge methods and premium supplies guarantee that you look your best on your wedding day.


2243, Vikas Marg, 

Near Hdfc Bank, 

Sector 44, 

Chandigarh 160047

2.  Manmeet Matharu Makeup Artist

The salon provides a selection of bridal makeup services to enhance the memory of your special day. The expert makeup artists at the salon are committed to giving you the greatest experience possible. Their cutting-edge methods and premium supplies guarantee that you look your best on your wedding day.


Sukhna Path, 

Near Cafe Coffee Day, 

Sector 63, 

Chandigarh 160047

3. Cleopatra

The salon provides a wide range of service, including facials, waxing, threading, hair colouring, styling, and haircuts. The team offers skilled makeup artists who uses top-notch materials and the newest bridal makeup techniques to guarantee that you look your best on your big day. 


Sector 8-c-sco-82-83, 

Madhya Marg, 

Chandigarh 160008.

4. Tripti Attri Makeovers

Tripti Attri, a renowned makeup artist with over six years of experience, is renowned for her exceptional talent in creating stunning bridal and wedding makeup looks that showcase individual attractiveness.


Sector 17, 


Chandigarh City

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What should you Choose Traditional or Airbrush Makeup?

The problems with your skin should dictate your specific application method. There are benefits to both airbrushing and bridal makeup techniques, as was already mentioned. Ultimately, you should consider your preferences and seek assistance from a cosmetic expert when deciding between these two makeup looks.

What may good for someone may be disastrous for you. Therefore, even if you're using the airbrush makeup in Chandigarh, it's never appropriate to claim that it's superior to traditional bridal makeup.