Beauty tips for every bride-to-be

Beauty tips for every bride-to-be 

Shaadi kya hai? Shaadi is like bijli ki do tarren jab sahi tareeke se jud jaye tho roshini hee roshini, nahi tho happy Diwali. If that joke made you forget about your premarital jitters even for a second then it's time to applaud our content team, if not then it's time for them to hear some Nonny Takkars songs so they can drive some creativity. 

Now when finally your DDLJ moment is coming closer, poor Simran isn't able to find the right tips to follow before her D - day. For every bride-to-be, the most important thing is to take proper care of her skin for that radiant glow and brightness. If you are planning your pre-wedding facial or looking for the best bridal makeup offers kindly head to Ms. Chirpy where you can find the best salon offers in Chandigarh from your favorite salons. Apart from going to the salon for your facial routine, you also need to keep in mind the following tips:

Never experiment with new beauty products

Don't try to experiment with new products before your wedding day. One can never know which kind of product is suitable for the skin. So, the bride-to-be must avoid using any new make-up or facial product. 

Avoid any facial or treatment a day before

Brides at times rush to salons for urgent facial or skin treatment a day before their wedding function. One should avoid getting any facial, waxing treatment, or threading a few days before the wedding, as it can cause itching and rashes. 

Hydrate yourself 

Hydrate yourself and your skin every day. One needs to drink a lot of water before the wedding begins. Water will help your skin to glow and let your body function properly. Water keeps our lips soft and doesn't let them look pale. Use a hydrating gel on your skin. 

Enhance your diet 

Along with your workout, you also have to take note of what you are eating. Getting fit requires you to have a proper diet. Don't indulge yourself in eating out or processed foods. Stick to homemade food. Anyway, shaadi ke baad maa ke haath ka khana bhot yaad ayga. 

The ones with Oily Skin, keep it simple

Every bride with oily skin should avoid heavy makeup. Avoid any kind of heavy makeup which can make your look go for a toss. A makeup look that is natural and dewy is suitable for all skin tones. 

Sleep well before the Big Day 

If you are really willing to look fresh and bright on your wedding day then-boss don't mess up with your sleep cycle.  A perfect 8-hour sleep is a must if you want your skin to perfectly glow. 

Natural Beauty Face Masks

Instead of going for expensive products, one must try “ the most effective Nani Maa Ke Nuske”. Applying cucumber grinds or natural aloe vera gel on your face helps your skin to refresh and glow.

 Get that glam look on your big day now.

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