Buffet Culture in Chandigarh: A Feast for the Senses

Buffet Culture in Chandigarh: A Feast for the Senses

Indian traditions and culture focus on hospitality. And it mirrors the food-serving manners of our people. Mother sits aside and serves food to the kids till they are content. Chandigarh shares the same heritage with the rest of India. The food serving style in India has its roots deep within its regional traditions. Likewise, Chandigarh's buffet culture is popular these days.

Like any other Indian city, Chandigarh follows the traditional Indian ways of food serving with thali meals. It displays a variety of dishes arranged in small bowls on a large plate or thali. Thus, people can experience a balanced and fulfilling meal with multiple flavors and textures. Also, Chandigarh promotes social bonding and a sense of togetherness during mealtime.

Traversing from traditional to buffet system

In India, two serving styles relate to dining spaces and personal interactions.  In the traditional system, someone serves the food to present the dishes offering hospitality and a welcoming gesture. Further, it promotes an emotional touch as there is an interaction between the server and the guest.

On the contrary, in buffet restaurants, guests choose themselves from an arena of dishes on display. This eating mode promotes a self-service experience to choose desired portions from a variety. Although a sudden rise in the buffet system is transparent in the cities, rural zones still opt for the former one.

Top places to go for buffets in Chandigarh

Buffets offer a series of all-you-can-eat and the freedom to choose from diverse cuisines, matching the preferences of different diners. Many restaurants and hotels in Chandigarh offer buffet spreads, allowing guests to taste a series of dishes with a fixed price tag. In addition, they offer convenience and affordability.

Further, people choosing a space for an occasion can invite their guests to try multiple dishes in one sitting, making them a favored choice. Here are some popular destinations to relish the buffet series of food in Chandigarh at affordable options.

Barbecue Nation
Barbecue lovers make a queue. Located in Sector 26, Barbeque Nation serves multiple kebabs from veg and non-veg corners. The grilled potatoes and prawns are a must-try ones. Get starters, main courses, and desserts in buffet spreads for one person, between 750-850 rupees.

SCO 39,
Block 2, Sector 26,
Madhya Marg,
Near Green Market Chowk,
Chandigarh - 160019

The Lalit Chandigarh
Taste Indian and Continental food in a luxurious hotel in IT Park, Chandigarh. An elegant buffet restaurant, The Lalit Boulangerie, offers versatile food options, focussing on gourmet dishes and live cooking stations. Get lavish buffets for two people at 3000 with additional offers 24x7.

The LaLiT,
Rajiv Gandhi IT Park,
Chandigarh - 160101

Pirates of Grill
Try the lunch and dinner delicacies at the most popular place at a price ranging between 800 - 1100 rupees for an individual. Their grilled pineapple and crispy fried corn will bring you to their doorstep again and again. The Mutton Rogan Josh from the non-veg menu keeps people asking for more.

C/O Nexus Elante
Shop Number-313,
3rd Floor,
Nexus Elante,
Industrial Area,
Chandigarh - 160002 (Phase - 1)
Sip ‘n’ Dine
Arouse your taste buds with the Indian and Chinese cuisines from the buffet highlights at Sip ‘n’ Dine. The calm and consoling ambiance with considerably lower prices will force you to wait in a big queue to get that amazing dining experience. Relish the kurkuri kebab and stuffed mushroom in the buffet at 1400 rupees for two.

SCO 16 A,
Madhya Marg,
Sector 7-C,
Chandigarh - 160019

Urban Cafe
Hyatt Recency is a well-known name, and so are the buffet dining experiences in the Urban Cafe. Choose from multiple veg and non-veg options at a relatable price of 1800 rupees for two people. Moreover, the place is famous for its endless options in desserts. Cakes, puddings, and Indian sweets are equally tasty.

178 Hyatt Regency,
Phase 1,
Industrial Area Phase I,
Chandigarh - 160002

An array of food items in Chandigarh buffets

Chandigarh's buffet culture welcomes residents and visitors with countless options of food items. Therefore, one can try traditional Indian delicacies to international flavors. So one can start with simple kebabs to end with desserts in a buffet in Chandigarh.

Buffets feature a variety of dishes in vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers like tandoori paneer tikka, chicken tikka, crispy corn fries, veg spring rolls, and kebabs.

Dive into the menu
The main course brings in several options from Indian, Chinese, Continental, or Mughlai flavors, depending on the place. Dal makhani, butter chicken, palak paneer, chole masala, biryanis, pasta, noodles, stir-fried vegetables, and grilled options are readily available.

Soups or salads
Diet-conscious people can march toward the salad bar to taste fresh greens, vegetables, dressings, and toppings. In addition, tomato soup, sweet corn soup, and hot and sour chicken soup won’t raise your calories.

Rice or Roti
Breads like naan, puri, kulcha, tandoori roti, and paratha are for bread lovers. And rice incliners can choose from steamed rice, biryanis, and pulao. Thus, the main course fulfills everyone’s wishes.

Sweet is a must
The dessert sections are buffet highlights. So one can try sweet treats like gulab jamun, kheer, ice creams, pastries, cakes, fruit salads, rasgulla, and jalebi. Kids are most delighted to see so many options in one place.

Sip a drink
How can a buffet be complete without beverages? Soft drinks, fresh juices, lassi,  mocktails, or alcoholic beverages with various flavors are on the list in the buffet system in Chandigarh.

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