Explore best of the outlets before your Chandigarh trip comes to an end!

Belting on your favorite drinks or munching on delicious snacks while you party your heart out with your squad in a cafe, is a favorite pastime for utmost people both youthful and old. Thankfully, the City beautiful with its vibrant café culture provides ample options for you to have the best time of your life. Here's a list of the best of the outlets one must explore before your Chandigarh trip comes to an end:

Indulge in the fine aromatic Indian flavors in a modern sit-down only at Masalchi. Their shared food heritage was brought alive. Taste the authentic Indian flavors with a modern flair!

'Dice is a Game club and eating zone where u can play Snooker, Pool, Hand Soccer and several latest PlayStation 4 (PS4) games. Their kitchen serves delicious Italian and Chinese fast food.'

Dastaan is a progressive Indian Food Narrative, its a tribute to our traditions and culture- a gastronomic experience for every progressive Indian. Their Story is grounded in its culture yet explores the world. Dastaan altogether is a great culinary experience that you won't forget.

Wokman dishes out the perfectly affordable, healthy, fresh, and exotic meal with a three-step process that allows a customer to improvise, innovate and personalize the entire experience. From the choice of protein to the sauce, the veggies to rice or noodles, the gourmand dictates the mix and is ‘the boss of the toss’ till a piping hot box of deliciousness is delivered in a matter of minutes. Chopsey to momos, noodles to stir fry, Wokman values its customer's time and uses unique techniques to keep the waiting time to a minimum, always striving to do a wok in a wink.

At Shangz you will have an unforgettable experience, not just of a meal that satisfies your taste buds but an event you recall with a big smile. From the Extreme momos to the tender cheese chili mushroom and Suimai Dimsums  from the chili gravy to the Thai gravy, all of this will keep you coming back for more every single time to Shant

Peddlers is not only known for its great live band evening but also for the scrumptious food it has to offer from various cuisines. The bar menu is elaborate and, the staff is courteous which will together make your evening even better sines like North Indian, continental, Italian etc. The bar menu is diverse and the staff is courteous which will together make your evening even more happening.

Ministry of Bar Exchange is the ultimate party place if you’re in Chandigarh. The outgoing ambiance and relaxed seating give you everything you need to have a night full of fun. The music mixed by local DJs is contemporary, tailored for the young crowd. Visitors are also treated to a well-stocked bar and an array of delicious platters to dig in.

This niche outlet is rolling out delectable food items and drinks to binge. Their menu is very pleasant and the interiors are chic, great for an evening to relax with friends and family. Every food item is filled with interesting flavors, so you are sure to find something to please your heart.

A feast to your eyes and soul. Kc Residency serves Lavish buffets and delicacies from delicious North Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisines. Head to K3 and feel the welcome as you step through the exceptional ambiance at K C Residency

One of the not many inexpensive food chains that mull over your wellbeing as much as the taste, Subway is very celebrated for its tasty subs and sound servings of mixed greens. What separates them is that you can choose from a decision of new fixings, including their new house-heated bread, and have full oversight over what goes into your supper. From that point onward, simply select your preferred sauces, which gather flavor, and tie the fixings into a single unit into a feast that isn't just elegant yet refreshing too.

A place to give you the real American Feel with an Indian touch. The drooling American Burgers are a knockout to any other burger you ever ate! Bring a pack of Napkins extra to control the oozing-out cheese and scrumptious burgers.

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