Facts about the food on your plate.

Indian cuisine is one of the most prosperous foods across the globe, it is just not famous for its aromatic spices, colors, and beautiful flavors but there's a lot more to Indian food than you ever knew! 

We love watching food shows on TV, we are self-made food bloggers on Instagram,  restaurant critics, and lovers of maa ke haath ka khana.  But not even half of us know the basic facts about our Indian food.

  1. Deep-fried balls of dough and dry fruits dipped in sugar syrup existed in the Mediterranean province by the name of Luqmat al Qadi, which later on became a part of our Indian cuisine. These deep-fried balls were named Gulab Jammun in India. 

  1. Black Pepper, most dominating Spice.In ancient times black pepper was highly in demand; it was termed as black gold. Although salt is found in many places around the world, black pepper is indigenous to a province in South India.

  1. Sugar is a blessing of the Portuguese. The most traditional desserts are made with fruit and honey because it was the Portuguese who introduced sugar to India.

  1. Saffron was an invention of Roman Traders. Many prominent Ingredients and Dishes were borrowed from them.


  1.  The Famous Naan was traditionally a part of the Persian cuisine in the 1300s and was later on accepted as a part of Indian Cuisine.

  1. Chai is an Ancient Drink. Chai, a spiced and healing beverage, was probably introduced to Indian culture by the British.

Well most of us might debate or talk about our Indian food without knowing some of these extremely important facts. Two days back our content prepared dhokla in the office canteen. We are still figuring out where was it invented. It had flavors from all the regions of India but none of us could really chew it. 

We won't be sharing any facts about it here. You can come to our office for a treat any day. 

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