Grooming for Men: Chandigarh’s Top Salons and Barber Shops

Grooming for Men: Chandigarh’s Top Salons and Barber Shops
City life is sluggish, and grooming yourself is the best option to look alive. Men have joined the bandwagon. They are more interested now than ever in grooming and looking presentable. Men’s grooming can be a tough task as you need the best place for it. In this blog, we’ll discuss about all the excellent barber shops and salons in Chandigarh. It will probably help you find the best grooming place in the city.

Men’s grooming is an umbrella term. It comprises of services like: 
- Hair spa
- Body spa
- Massages
- Beard grooming
The top Salons and barber shops for Modern men in Chandigarh
1. Strands Salon and Hair Spa, Chandigarh
Location: SCO 423-424, Second Floor, Sector 35C, Chandigarh

Strands Salon is renowned for its top-notch men’s grooming services in Chandigarh. It has been in the business for 11 years and has built a good name in the locality. It is known to provide the best quality services and has well-trained staff. The staff at Strands has excellent customer service experience. And the place is worth a visit. Being the oldest salon in Chandigarh, it also provides huge discounts to its customers.
It provides the best men’s grooming services such as:
- Shaving
- Hair color and treatments
- Beard care
- Haircut and styling
- Highlighting the hair
- Rebonding
- Massage services
- Relaxing facials

2. Matrix Salon, Chandigarh
Location: Sector 40, Chandigarh

Matrix is the most reliable barber shop in Chandigarh. It is also a well-known grooming place for men. With its experienced staff and premium packages, it has built a trustworthy brand. Matrix Salon is an excellent place to groom and pamper you at a posh level. This grooming place in Chandigarh provides various services to its clients from hair cutting to beard styling. You get it all in one place.

⦁    Tony and Guy, Chandigarh
Location: SCO 457-458, 1st floor, above McDonald’s, 35C, Sector 35 Chandigarh 160035

Tony and Guy is the best men’s grooming place in the city. It is a multi-hairdressing company. And it has been in this industry for over 55 years. The staff here is highly educated, well-groomed, sophisticated and provides superior customer experience. Want the best hair care solution? Tony and Guy is the go-to place for you. It has been trusted by people for years. With its outstanding ambiance and client service, it has proven to give the best results. Over the years, it has grown as a 5-star salon in the city.

It provides various grooming services from hair treatments to head massages. Try it and you’ll not regret it.

⦁    Looks Unisex Salon
Address: 1858, Dhanas, Chandigarh

Looks is a well-established barber shop in Chandigarh. It started in 1989. Today, you’ll find over 120 branches of looks across India. You cannot go wrong with this salon. It’s jaw-dropping customer service will take you in awe. This salon is the most trusted brand in northern India. Across India, it also has 3000+ employees to cater to all your requirements. These employees go through a training process once every year. You get everything from facials to upper body massages in this salon.

Basic Grooming tips for men

Grooming might seem like a daunting task to many men. However, it is not a difficult job for the best men’s grooming salon in Chandigarh. Here are the top-notch grooming tips from the top-notch salons in the city.

⦁    Get a haircut
Hair frames the face. A good hair day means feeling great throughout the day. Experts advise you to get a haircut once every 4-6 weeks.
⦁    Take care of your hands
You meet numerous people throughout the day. Do you want people to notice your well-maintained or dirty hands?
- Moisturize your hands regularly
- Get your nails cleaned from a nearby salon
- Overall, keep your hands neat always.
⦁    Shave your beard
Beard can break or make your look. Therefore, ensure to have a properly trimmed and shaped beard. You can visit a barber shop nearby.
⦁    Condition your beard
There are many beard products available in the market today. You can pick a beard wax, gel, or serum to condition your beard. It is the best way to have a moisturized beard. Plus, you’ll have a neat and tidy-looking beard.
⦁    Trim and shape your eyebrows
Yes, you heard it correctly! Trimming your eyebrows slightly can help you look put together. Unruly brows can mess up the symmetry of your face.
⦁     Get a facial done
Facials are the best way to get your glow back. Some salons provide various kinds of facials for men. You can opt for the glow facial or clean-up to open your pores.
Get to know the best Salons for men in Chandigarh with Ms. Chirpy
With Ms. Chirpy you can never go wrong. We have the best team to search for the finest salons in Chandigarh. We search and bring them on board for you. This guide has all the unique and best barber shops in Chandigarh. We strive to search for the best salons that provide you premium experience and a luxury feel. They are right next to your doorstep. From style to self-care, we have it all sorted for our readers. You’ll find all kinds of traditional barbers and premium salons in this beautiful city. An array of salons is out there providing you with various services like facials, haircuts, and beard trimming.

Chandigarh has now evolved and so have the salons in the city. Every salon strives to provide the best customer experience and service to their clients. The salon packages of places like Tony and Guy, Matrix Salon, and Looks Unisex Salon have a varied range of services. You can choose your preferred package and relax. Men’s grooming has never been this easy and approachable.
Grooming yourself is important to feel confident. And Chandigarh salons help you achieve it effortlessly. These salons are located within your sector and help you get an easy-breezy look.