Newly opened dining spots in Chandigarh

Newly opened dining spots in Chandigarh

Chandigarh city evolves from time to time, and along with this, the city is popping up with new modern and unique restaurants. The food here constantly changes, like a symphony of different tastes and ideas. Several restaurants and bars open up in this city every month.

If you love trying new and exciting foods in this lively city, this article is for you. This piece will teach you about the most unique and tempting Chandigarh restaurants. Join us on this food adventure as we explore the latest dining spots for Chandigarh foodies

Here's the list of the best dining spaces in Chandigarh

  1. Cafe De Piccolo:

Cafe De Piccolo is the most talked about restaurant in Chandigarh. This restaurant is based on a European theme. The food menu at this eatery is sumptuous. There is a large variety of authentic Italian delicacies. 

If you want to enjoy the experience of a genuine English breakfast, this place is definitely for you. They serve sausages, eggs, tea, coffee, English buns, and more. Their food menu does include sandwiches, pasta, pizzas and more Italian cuisine. 

  1. Lumma:

If you are looking for romantic Chandigarh dinner dates, Lumma can be your choice. This place's ambience is a blend of Bohemian and Indian. Not only is the interior impressive, but the food is also top-class. 

The food and bar menu are perfect for people looking for an ideal place for sundowners to chill and relax. This is an excellent place for romantic dates or family and friend gatherings.

  1. Lord Petrick:

Lord Petrick is a well-renowned coffee and burger brand, now available in Chandigarh city. This place has the best cuisines to try in Chandigarh. You can get the duo, burger, or coffee; there's no rule. 

Besides juicy burgers and creamy coffee, the menu has the best food, like fries, sandwiches, shakes, beverages, desserts, and more. So call your friends and make a plan to visit this place and try the food here.

  1. Ketliwala:

Chandigarh foodies who love and live for Chai (tea), we have something for you too. For tea lovers, Ketliwala restaurant presents you with the best food and incredible tea with a fantastic interior. 

Ketliwala's food menu is full of mouthwatering dishes. They have dosa, samosa, patties, pasta, Maggi, bun tikki, pizza, Chinese cuisine, and much more at pocket-friendly prices. They also have books and board games for people to have fun and spend quality time together. 

  1. Koyo koyo: 

After Ketliwala's desi food list, we have Koyo Koyo restaurant for you. Koyo-Koyo restaurant gives you the deliciousness of Asian food with a touch of luxury. The food here is authentic and serves the best sushi in Chandigarh

If you love Asian flavors or want to enjoy them for the first time, visit this restaurant. You'll experience the calmness if you come during the day time, but at night, this place changes into the vibrant spirit of Chandigarh nightlife.

  1. Chaat ka Chaska:

Chaat ka Chaska presents the best street food scene for you in Chandigarh. They serve finger-licking dishes. If you are a fan of Pani Puri, a variety of Chaat, Tikki, Bhelpuri, Dosa,  and a more spicy and tangy street, this place is for you. 

Chaat ka Chaska has recently opened in Chandigarh that serves fresh food with the best spices, which will make you addicted. This is best for evening outings with friends and family. 

  1. Zeek:

Zeek is another restaurant opened in Chandigarh that gives off aesthetic vibes. Zeek is inviting, unique, and a great place to hang out with friends. The food menu will surprise you with its explosion of different flavors. 

The plating and serving services are fantastic. Chandigarh foodies are going to get delicious food and great pictures as well. The ambience is cosy and welcoming, making you comfortable at once.

  1. BrewDog:

If you are a beer lover, you will be thrilled after seeing the bar menu at BrewDog. Newly opened in Chandigarh, this dining spot will make your night outs-fantastic. Not only the bar menu but also the food menu deserve attention. 

A great dining or party spot in Chandigarh, BrewDog, serves the best duo of food and beverages. They also serve beer-infused dishes, which are a must-try. 

  1. Levitate: 

Levitate is a new addition to the coffee shops in Chandigarh. For solo coffee dates or with someone special, Levitate is a supreme option. They serve croissants, sandwiches, and more with lavish presentations. The taste of each dish and every cup of coffee will levitate you into another world.

Once you taste it, you'll crave more. They serve coffee as requested, from solid coffee shots to mild ones; they have something for everyone's taste.  


In conclusion, the newly opened best dining spaces in Chandigarh have brought new vibes to the city. New flavors and fusion foods, from modern to the chic aesthetic ambience, have been introduced to the people of Chandigarh. 

From English breakfast to Indian Street food, everything is available in Chandigarh restaurants. Now you know the best cuisine to try in Chandigarh with friends and family.