Nightlife in Chandiagrh

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to snub at some of the jazziest discos in Delhi that will make you fall in love with their bottom-tapping music and buzzing air. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most popular clubs in Delhi that are reconsidering the meaning of ‘ party ’.

1. Episodes Kala Ghoda, Chandigarh

Episodes is a new party destination in the city. The place remains open till dawn with non-stop music playing and drinks flowing. Though a new entrant in the after-party arena, the place has formerly come one of the most popular clubs in Chandigarh. It also serves some amazing food, which is one further reason to head to this throbbing discotheque in Chandigarh.

2.  Bargain Booze

One of the tasteful clubs in the country, Bargain Booze will make you forget all your worries and will get you an altogether different vibe. The cotillion bottom at Bargain Booze is huge, and the state-of-the-art sound system blasts supersonic sound swells for that perfect disco experience. As the club hosts transnational musicals, you can anticipate the crowd to be stupendous – Always!

3. Playboy Club, Chandigarh

A new boy in town, Playboy’s magnetic charm will surely add to the fun of partying in the capital city. The club has high-ceiling walls – everything that’s signature of the famous Los Angeles lifestyle brand. And it’s not just the ambiance that’s worth the talk; you will love the music, gourmet meals, and vintage wines too.

4. District 5

District 5  is one of the quirky spots in Delhi with rustic innards, a great out-of-door space with a truck- bar, cozy vicinity, and a beautiful rooftop. The place has a total drinks menu and a tempting foods section with Middle Eastern, Indian, and Continental dishes. However, a vibrant sense, and good music, If you're looking for a place with succulent food.

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