Party & Bridal Makeup Trends By Ms. Chirpy in Tricity for 2023

Party & Bridal Makeup Trends in Chandigarh for 2023

When it comes to their wedding day, every woman wants to wow and stun! As a young bride, this day must have been your dream day for many years. Maybe you have always imagined yourself looking resplendent in all your jewelry and lehenga choli ever since the day you knew your wedding date.

However, no matter how good your wedding day ensemble is, it will all be flat without the proper makeup routine to complement your look. Whether you want to dress up as a traditional desi bride or wish to look like a gorgeous and modern diva, the right makeup style is everything.

So, today, we will be taking a look at the top Chandigarh bridal makeup trends of 2023 that can help you achieve the dream look you have always wanted. Look extra special on your special day with Ms Chirpy, the best place for the best spas and makeup studios for your bridal makeup in Chandigarh!

Top Party & Bridal Makeup Trends in Chandigarh 2023

Take a look at some of these top ideas for your bridal makeup that will leave you looking like the angel that you are. Here they are:

Cloudy Bridal Makeup

If you wish to have a balance between a matte look and a dewy finish, this makeup style of 2023 is the exact thing you need. It helps to strike a careful and precise blend of a hydrated look with matte makeup products.

The cloudy bridal makeup gives you a soft and ethereal glow, hence the name. Bridal makeup trends are gradually veering towards more sustainable methods as brides are increasingly complaining of skincare problems after their special day is over. You do not want to face such issues yourself, so we suggest that you go for a muted look with this style.

 To find the right balance, experts recommend that you use a mixture of hydrating lotions and creams along with matte powders to get the right texture for a soft and velvety finish. This look can complement virtually any wedding dress or lehengaso you have nothing to worry about!

Definition and Soft Mix Makeup

If you are going for a modern take on traditional bridal makeup styles, why not go for this unique and outstanding style? The brows are what help to define your eyes and make them prominent in pictures and portraits. Thus, makeup experts are saying that if you want your eyes to be defined, the trick is to make your eyebrows prominent first.

Once done, your eyes will naturally gain a shine of their own, even without makeup. To complement this strong and bold accent, use a soft tone for your lips, preferably a nude shade or pastel tints. This will grant a seemingly minimalistic look to the entire ensemble and enhance your natural shine and look. The shutterbugs will love to go on clicking, we guarantee you that!

Angelic Look Makeup

All brides are angels in disguise, so why not bring that out? This is a timeless makeup trend and, even now, one of the best bridal beauty trends to ever exist. The goal is to get a glowing skin at the end of the makeup routine. After all, which bride does not want to glow on her wedding day?

The way to achieve this is to use the right proportion of powder makeup products along with the proper prep for your skin. If you overthink powder can ruin your look, think again! If you get your skin prepped using the proper methods, the powder will readily take to your skin and be free from any patches.

The result is a smooth finish, like alabaster or ceramic. It is also great for wedding photography, as your face will reflect all the extra lights, hence giving an angelic glow. To complement this glowing look, neutral or nude shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, and lipliners are suggested. This will enhance the angelic texture and glow even further.

Pink Overload Makeup

If you want to look utterly feminine and doll-like, why not try a pink overload scheme for your special day? If pink happens to be your favorite color, all the better! For this look, we advise that you get some expert help. Since the primary shade of makeup will be pink and peach all around, it needs a trained hand to blend them all seamlessly.

The trick is to start with a transparent primer coating that will act as the foundation of it all. The next step is to choose the different shades that you want to apply. Go for a mix and match of soft, pastel pinks for the cheeks and eyelids, strong and bold pink for the lips, and hot pink for your nails. You could go with matching costume jewelry or pink gemstones to accentuate the look. The final step is to choose a bridal dress, whether it is a saree or lehenga choliin a soft, neutral pink shade, preferably transparent in texture.

The final result will be a soft and otherworldly pink paradise look that brides can only dream of. Look like 

a celebrity like you have always wanted for your wedding day, and be ready to become the center of attention in the room!

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Now you know the best wedding makeup styles in Chandigarh, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with your makeup artist and expert, and give them your preferences and suggestions. Make sure to let them know in advance about your makeup plans so they can be prepared to give you the best look for your wedding. Go ahead and have the best day and a happy married life after that! Best of luck!