Reviews of Top Salons in Mohali

Mohali salon reviews

Are you looking for the best salon experiences in Mohali? Look no further! Our customers have shared their amazing Customer testimonials for salons in Mohali.

From hair makeovers to luxurious spa treatments, these salons have left a lasting impression on their clients. The Ratings for salons in Mohali speak for themselves, showcasing their excellence in delivering top-notch services.

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Glamz Salon: A Magical Experience
I had the opportunity of visiting Glamz Salon in Mohali lately, and it was a great experience from start to finish. As soon as I walked through their doors, I knew I was in for a treat.

I was thrilled to read that Glamz Salon uses herbal products for its skincare procedures because I am a firm believer in nature's healing powers. My skin felt like it was on cloud nine as the expert team skillfully applied their magical concoctions. Each touch felt like a gentle whisper of rejuvenation, leaving me with a radiant glow.

At Glamz Salon, they believe that everyone deserves to feel glamorous without breaking the bank. That's why they have crafted irresistible offers and discounts that make personalised grooming an accessible luxury. It's the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and unleash your inner diva while keeping your wallet happy. - Monika Gupta

Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Salon: Where Style Meets Sophistication
On a marvellous journey to the realm of Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Salon, where dreams of fabulous hair and impeccable beauty come true! This place is a true gem, shining brightly in the world of glamour and style.

At Jawed Habib Salon, they treat every customer like royalty. The staff is not only highly skilled but also warm and welcoming, creating an atmosphere that instantly makes you feel at home. They listen attentively to your desires and concerns, providing personalised recommendations that suit your individual style. Their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is admirable.

This salon is a hub of innovation and creativity. Jawed Habib himself, a renowned name in the industry, brings his expertise and passion to every aspect of the salon. From the latest hair trends to innovative techniques and products, they are always at the forefront of the beauty world. You can trust that your visit to Jawed Habib Salon will be an experience filled with cutting-edge techniques and revolutionary ideas. - Gamini singh

Lakme Salon: Where Beauty Blossoms
Nestled in the heart of beauty, this salon is a haven where transformation meets luxury and where every individual is treated like a precious gem.

Lakme Salon knows that beauty is more than skin deep; it's a celebration of individuality. From the moment you step through their doors, their expert team is dedicated to unveiling your inner diva. Whether you're looking for a glamorous makeover or a subtle enhancement, their talented stylists will work their magic, leaving you feeling like the star you truly are.

This salon truly has it all, from fabulous hair services to exquisite skincare treatments. You will be presented with a vast range of selections and will be submerged in a world of aesthetic possibilities. Lakme Salon takes care of all of your needs, going above and beyond in their pursuit of excellence, from stylish haircuts and beautiful hair colour to relaxing facials and revitalising massages.

Cleopatra, Mohali
Cleopatra offers more than just bridal services. Their luxurious spa treatments took my relaxation to a whole new level. From body polishes to wraps and other indulgent treatments, each experience was tailored to provide the ultimate sense of rejuvenation.

The highly trained therapists were attentive, creating a serene atmosphere that allowed me to unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life.

Their bridal makeup sessions are nothing short of magical. The talented makeup artists at Cleopatra possess an incredible ability to enhance natural beauty and create stunning transformations. They took the time to understand my vision and worked meticulously to bring it to life. The result was a bridal look that left me feeling like an absolute princess on my special day. - ana mishra

Geetanjali Salon

True artists work as stylists at Geetanjali Salon. They offer their skills to every client they work with and are not only very proficient but also quite innovative.

They had me covered whether I wanted a stylish haircut, a dazzling hairstyle for a big occasion, or a brand-new hair colour. They spent time getting to know my style preferences and put in a tonne of effort to create it for me.

Where hairstyle truly develops as an art form is at Geetanjali Salon. I recently had the pleasure of using their services, and I must say that I was completely astounded by their stylists' talent and ingenuity. Upon entering, I was welcomed by a group of skilled experts who were enthusiastic about what they had accomplished.

Blush in Style Unisex Salon

Blush in Fashion In the Unisex Salon; beauty actually comes to life. I had the pleasure of visiting their salon recently, and I have to say that it was genuinely unlike anything I had ever seen before. I was immediately greeted by a team of professionals.

The salon's beautifully designed space is evidence of its dedication to providing a top-notch salon experience. I felt at ease right away because of the serene surroundings and chic interior design.

 It was clear that every detail was carefully thought out, ensuring that my visit was not just a beauty treatment but a moment of pure indulgence. -
Uma Yadav

Strands Salon & Spa

Since its establishment in 2005, Strands Salon & Spa has been at the forefront of delivering excellence. Their staff of qualified hair, skin, and beauty care specialists is what makes them stand out.

 They go above and above to meet all of your needs, and their knowledge and expertise are simply exceptional. Strands Salon & Spa offers a variety of services, including fashionable haircuts, relaxing spa treatments, and specialised makeup applications.  

A salon that truly appreciates the art of beauty and the value of a thorough experience is Strands Salon & Spa. I just had the pleasure of using their services, and I must say that the entire experience was enjoyable. Strands Salon & Spa met my expectations and have a great reputation as one of Mohali's finest salons.