Top 10 Chandigarh Salons for Bridal Makeovers

Top 10 Chandigarh Salons for Bridal Makeovers

Your wedding day is one of life's most essential and exciting, and you want to look your best. With its lively culture and extensive traditions, Chandigarh is home to a booming wedding makeup business serving upcoming brides' demands. This post will walk you through the top 10 Chandigarh bridal makeup salons that provide amazing bridal makeovers. Chandigarh offers various services, including the best bridal makeup artists and complete wedding makeovers.

  1. Naturals Salon

Naturals Salon is a renowned name in the beauty and wellness industry, and its Chandigarh branch lives up to its reputation. With a team of skilled makeup artists, they offer a range of bridal beauty services that include makeup, hairstyling, and pre-bridal treatments. Naturals Salon is the go-to choice for brides who want a classic and timeless look on their special day.

  • Contact details: 8124222266

  1. Affinity Salon

Affinity Salon is well-known for its stylish and modern bridal makeovers. Their makeup experts remain current with the latest beauty trends to ensure you look nothing less than stunning on your wedding day. Affinity Salon provides thorough bridal beauty treatments that consider each bride's tastes, from elaborate hairstyles to flawless makeup. Affinity Salon ensures that every bride looks stunning and confident on her wedding day with their team of highly skilled and experienced providing the best wedding makeover.

  • Address: SCO 166-167, Ground Floor, Madhya Marg, near GROWAL Eye Institute, 9C, Sector 9, Chandigarh, 160009

  • Phone: 08427769960

  1. Geetanjali Salon

In Chandigarh's bridal cosmetics market, Geetanjali Salon has established itself as a leader. Geetanjali Salon offers specialized bridal beauty treatments since it employs the best makeup artists familiar with various weddings' cultural quirks. Brides often pick them because they focus on excellence and attention to detail.

  • Address: ELANTE MALL, Shop No 209, Second Floor Nexus, Phase 1, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 16000

  • Phone: 0172 462 7214

  1. Lakme Salon

Regarding cosmetics and beauty, Lakme Salon is a well-known brand. Their Chandigarh location is no different, offering excellent bridal makeovers. Lakme Salon guarantees brides appear elegant and secure on their special day by using various cosmetic products and highly qualified professionals. They can fit both conventional and contemporary bridal looks.

  • Address: SCO- 285, Ground Floor Sec, Sector 35D, Chandigarh, 16002

  • Phone: 084276 53257

  1. Strands Salon

Luxuriousness and grandeur are the hallmarks of Strands Salon. Strands Salon in Chandigarh is the place to go if you want an abundant bridal makeover experience. Their makeup experts create a flawless wedding look using high-end materials and methods. They provide a whole package for brides, including skin treatments, hair styling, and cosmetics.

  • Address: 423-424, Ground Floor, SCO, Himalaya Marg, 35C, Chandigarh, 160022

  • Phone: 0172 500 8357

  1. Tress Lounge

Tress Lounge is famous among brides who want to blend contemporary and traditional bridal looks. Their makeup artists are well-versed in creating versatile bridal makeovers that suit different wedding themes and outfits. Tress Lounge's bridal beauty services include makeup, hairstyling, and skin treatments to ensure you glow on your wedding day.

  • Address: Sco Number 30 - 31, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh Sector 8c, Chandigarh, near Gopal Sweets

  • Contact: 0634445317

  1. Rupashi Dhiman, Bridal Makeup Artist

A well-known independent makeup artist in Chandigarh is Ruppashi Dhiman, a qualified makeup and hair artist from the London College of Makeup in Dubai. She has collaborated with Palash Miss India and Mr. Punjab, and she is well-known for her excellent application and commitment to marginalization. Rupashi is a freelance makeup artist for Chandigarh brides who underwent professional training at VLCC and a cosmetics facility.

  • Address: 414, Sector 33A, Chandigarh

  • Contact – +91-9041882288

  1. Ruchi Makeup Artist

Among the best makeup artists for Chandigarh brides, Ruchi is one of the bridal makeup artists. She specializes in hair, makeup, nail, and beauty services and works as a professional makeup artist for brides in Chandigarh for pre-wedding and bridal makeup. Through her talented team of professional makeup artists, Ruchi reflects joy on brides' faces on special occasions.

  • Address: 2334, Goodwill Enclave, Sector 49C, Chandigarh, 160047

  • Contact: 9878692334

  1. Cleopatra Salon

Brides seeking a whole makeover may visit Cleopatra Salon in one location. Makeup, spa treatments, and nail art are just a few of the numerous bridal beauty services provided by Cleopatra Salon. Their skilled staff makes Every bride feel attractive and pampered on her wedding day.

  • Address: SCO- 34-35-36-37, Sector- 9-D, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh

  • Contact: 0172-4630821

  1. Rabia Garewal Bridal Makeup

Rabia is a makeup artist with a studio in Melbourne, Australia, and she enjoys giving Indian brides her expertise in bridal makeup every year. Rabia has five years of experience and has done makeup for brands like Zara, Lifestyle, and designers from Australia and Mexico. She has worked with celebrities like Dia Mirza, Manisha Lamba, and VJ Anusha. Her talents enable her to provide Indian brides with the ideal appearance for their wedding-related occasions. Rabia has established a reputation as a leading bridal makeup artist in Chandigarh by adhering to the core principle of doing makeup that enhances your natural beauty.

  • Address: 103, Chandi Path, Sector 28A, Sector 28, Chandigarh, 160101

  • Contact: 9814922212


Selecting the ideal salon and makeup artist for your bridal makeover is essential for successful wedding planning. The top 10 Chandigarh bridal makeup salons listed above provide a wide variety of beauty services, making it possible for any bride to attain the appearance of her dreams. These salons offer the know-how to add a particular touch to your wedding day, whether you prefer a conventional, classic appearance or a modern, fashionable one. Therefore, schedule a visit with the salon of your choice, unwind, and allow the talented makeup professionals to perform their magic to transform you into a queen.

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Trending Haircut Styles at Chandigarh Salons: Stay in Vogue with the Latest Haircut Designs

Chandigarh is where trends are enthusiastically formed and followed because of its dynamic culture and fashion-forward population. Your haircut is one of the most critical variables regarding personal style. Whether you live there or are simply visiting, keep up with the most recent hairdo trends to keep your appearance current and stylish. This post will examine the top haircuts in Chandigarh salons to help you always walk out in style and confidence.

Boom Layer X Saloon 

It is popular for those who can't bear to cut their hair all off to opt for long, layered hair. This style includes adding delicate boom layers X Saloon. It looks voluminous and textured, and the hair salon makes it easier for you to move. Whether you choose sleek straight ends or beachy waves, this style enables you to experiment with numerous types while maintaining length.

  • Address: Shop No: 409, 410, Sub. City Center, 35C, Sector 35, Chandigarh, 160035

  • Contact: 0172 501 5123

Elegance: A Unisex Saloon

The undercut is popular for people who want to seem more edgy. The sides, back, and top hair must be severely cropped or shaved to get this look. The young people of Chandigarh have embraced this daring fashion, which encourages individuality in the length and style of the remaining hair. Elegance is a versatile option for people who want the latest haircut designs since they can be as subtle or dramatic as they choose.

  • Address: Shop No 748/4, First Floor, Dehra Sahib, Shanti Nagar, Manimajra, near IndusInd Bank ATM, Chandigarh, 160101

  • Contact: 098152 29969

Sunny Cuts and Curls

The goal of this hair salon is to delight each of its clients. They pledge honesty and are renowned for preserving devoted customer connections. Make a decision and meet all of your objectives. They have a group of well-trained experts who provide individualized services to cater to each client's demands. Their crew is renowned for its focus on accuracy and dedication to delivering the best hair salon services. They work hard to provide the finest customer service they can.

  • Address: SCF 19, First Floor, Sector 10D, Chandigarh, 160011

  • Contact: 098152 00519

Headmasters, the Best Salon in Chandigarh for HairCut

Headmasters is one of the most reputable Unisex Hair salons in Chandigarh, known for its high-quality premium hair, body, hand, and foot services. The company Headmasters, which originated in Chandigarh in 2002, is now well-known. It has become a popular destination for people looking for the best haircut services from experts at the most affordable prices. Therefore, Headmasters is the only place to go if you're seeking the best hairstyle trend in Chandigarh.

  • Address: SCO 16-19, Sector 8C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh

  • Contact: 0172-4557777

Toni and Guy Chandigarh

The multi-brand hair salon Tony & Guy has over 55 years of experience in education, first-rate customer service, and hair expertise. It is made for men and women and offers excellent hair care. The salon is renowned for both its outstanding atmosphere and offerings. So feel free to visit this 5-star salon whenever you like! You may get the ideal appearance with the help of its talented and skilled hair stylists. It charges fair costs for a variety of hair treatments. For a fantastic salon experience, go to Tony & Guy!

  • Address: SCO 457-458, 1st floor, above McDonald’s, 35C, Sector 35 Chandigarh 160035

  • Contact: 9915815830

Hair Raizers

In Chandigarh, Hair Raiserz is a reasonably priced salon that provides various hair services, including cuts, styling, coloring, and treatments. The salon's skilled stylists will give you the ideal appearance using high-quality materials. The salon has a straightforward and welcoming atmosphere. Hair Raiserz provides a range of treatments at reasonable costs. The salon has a laid-back vibe, and the stylists are kind and skilled. Online appointment booking is available for customers' convenience.

  • Address: S.C.O, 92, near Chaitanya Hospital, 44C, Chandigarh 160047

  • Contact: 0172 500 9991

Top Notch

It is a fantastic location for affordable styling and grooming options. Skilled and kind personnel guarantee excellent service, and you will get exceptional care. You will receive the ideal treatment at a fair price in one of Chandigarh's oldest salons. It is one of the most sought-after salons in the city's center. Their enthusiastic and accommodating team ensures you get the most out of your spa time. They advise various looks depending on the situation, explain how to preserve them, and even prescribe hair care products. Make an appointment, call them, or stop by if you want to trust what they say.

  • Address: S.C.F. 13, Sector 22D, Chandigarh, 160022

  • Contact:  0172-2701651

Regarding haircut trends, Chandigarh haircut salons are humming with inventiveness and invention. There is a style for everyone in this fashion-forward city, whether you prefer traditional cuts with a contemporary twist, adore the grace of long layers, or wish to embrace the boldness of a fairy or elegance. Don't be scared to try new things; let your haircut reflect your personality. Make a statement in Chandigarh's dynamic fashion scene by keeping up with the current haircut trends. Visit the salon in your area and let the talented stylists keep you looking fashionable and confident.